Ineluctable Modalities

~ Zine, 2019

Inelectuble Modalities is small book comprised of several pictures made during a walk around Rochester, along withe every thought I had while on that walk. The thoughts were recorded verbally and later transcribed using computer software.

I – Bike Bright Fuchsia

Its 1:32 do not disturb it’s so pretty out. That pole looks like it’s been here for a really long time. Like it was meant or made to be on a ship or in a barracks take a picture of it if I can. I think. Savannah is getting much farther ahead than me going to take this quick walking. Lady wearing an outfit that matches her bike bright fuchsia. Observing now no real thoughts about anything yet making this transcription audio recording. I’ve lost sight of Savannah oh across the street little girl singing a lot of people like to sing when it’s this nice. This really cheesy banner some businessman type on a street light banner that looks interesting advertisement for the eastside of Rochester with his signature separated from Savannah I don’t know his name. Okay on the ground for my artifact I don’t want to pick up a cigarette butt or something like that I want to find something that’s interesting. We are on different sides of the street now I think that’s good she won’t have to listen to me talk to myself. Across Rochester contemporary art center it’ll be nice to visit. Don’t really understand how big trucks like that maneuver in a city I hate to drive in the city in my little mom van that’s a whole table truck. Nice light around the corner. Take a picture of this person’s Instagram handle on this street light have to overexpose this picture in a little bit shooting into the shadows. All man. I wish I had slower film level than 400 today stop down to f8 but I wanted to make sure I could capture everything. Swan interesting street name I wonder how that gets its street names Gibbs I guess Gibbs is a man’s name odd to automatically assume it’s a man’s name but I don’t think that’s an unusual assumption. Bird in those bushes tattoo shops across my street to the left really nicely lit alley next to it. Reflections on Rochester gas & electric corporation building but I don’t think they would make a good picture. Interesting arrow on one of these concrete legends I’m going to walk in the way that it points for a little bit also these weird outlets in of planters on the ledge looks like they’re sprouting along with the small sprouts I want to take a picture of one but none of them seem to be in good light or be next to sprouts that I like there’s another weird pink chalk arrow same one as I saw before going in the same way. Good weird socket

The place where I took pictures freshman year I think I found one that’ll at work. Stop down quite a bit remember to correctly expose this picture again I hope that the sprouts will come out in the in the picture cuz I want to contrast the electrical outlet. Okay I might take one more of that what’s a different outlet maybe I’ll move just a little bit. No don’t disturb the scene at all take this picture as well right now to take picture of the second weird outlet crouched in street waiting for light.


II – called the firebomb

Awesome. Okay I guess I wasn’t recording for the first half of the walk or it stopped recording or something recording now. I’m glad I didn’t let that go for whole time. I’m on chestnut street walking back from a weird bowl weird concrete bowl on the sidewalk light isn’t on it that well. Mad that I might not have recorded the first half walk on the zoom recorder but I think I’ll make it work. Santa Claus looking old man walking across the street interesting. I don’t know if I should keep walking. Savannah sees gonna keep going trapped in the middle of a red-light Savannahs coming maybe I’ll rerecord the first part of the walk.

-hey, kid, wanna cool shot?

-yeah what’s up?

Hot dog man.

-I got the grill on hot, I got a little trick that I do sometimes. It’s called the firebomb. You got rapid shot?

-yeah, I can shoot a couple.

-this fireball is gonna come up quick then it’s gonna be gone in a second. I’m gonna do a fireball!

Back up a little get the hotdog shot.

-here it comes!


-cooled down a little.

-thank you sir.

-usually if I can get that grill really really hot it comes up to here sometimes.

-sick man. Have a good day!

-I did photography for five years so that’s why I try to hook you up.

-thank you!

Trying to have fun cooking his hot dogs. Fireball wasn’t as big as expected but I think he was still stoked I think it’s decent picture. I think it’s a good artifact. Think I was talking about how I might re-record first part of the walk later probably think back to what happened relatively well. Took a picture here freshman year deposit only sign. Starting to see how Joyce could describe everything see everything on the street and has like four different meanings and four different memories attached. To it there’s not an outlet connected to this pole like the other ones. I’m walking down the street to see everything. Board is covering up part of this wall that looks interesting kneeling in the middle of the road to take this picture. I think this is a pretty good example of humans interacting with their space humans interacting with a space that already existed before they got here. Try to make this really level car coming. No car. Hopefully that’s as level as I wanted it to be. Oh now the suns on it I think it’s okay. Not gonna retake it. I don’t think the sun really changed what was going on.

III – Walk Around Rochester

Kind of hope I get to the point I don’t really notice talking my thoughts anymore. Good to record audio what I’m thinking about. Find it hard to sit down and write. I don’t know what I’m going to write about I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to just go at it but if I can just take a walk and record what I’m thinking I think that’ll be pretty good that I can reprocess it instead of just kind of skimming over and I really have to listen when I go back. Looking for artifacts down on main a little just right off of east but there’s not a lot. But receipt. I don’t really want a receipt. I want to cross the street across main street coming towards the bank of America building. Remember one of the first times it was nice during the winter of my first year at rit. We came down here to this near the liberty pole and everyone was outside because it was so nice 75 in the middle of February. Skateboards. Dogs. City art space they have a show going up again right now. This really big expansive lot it’s interesting. Find an artifact here. Savannah just cross paths going opposite ways. Weird metal piece army green and rusty. Thin to be a car part. Savannahs looking at something on the ground. I guess we both look odd walking in an empty gravel lot. I guess I looked kind of odd to the hot dog dude talking to myself with a camera and that turned out pretty cool. I don’t really like how looking for artifacts is making me look on the ground. Guy yelling odd on phone. I look like that. Not yelling. Check zoom again to see if it’s still going. I like how Savannah an I haven’t really had to talk about where. Getting kinda hot too many layers. How cold how warm it is. No one really seems to notice me talking to myself. Not super loud voice not addressing anyone. Savannahs writing in notebook makes me wonder if I should write in my notebook. I guess recordings enough. People skating oh its Adam he has his Ronan I don’t know the girl who skating for him. Katarina also funny. I guess everyone is kind of out today. I don’t want to wander too far or we’re get in her line.




-is that a camera?

-yeah, we have to do a walk around Rochester?

-oh there’s Savannah?

-she’s my partner for the walk.

-were doing a production shoot.

-sounds like a Dan Larkin project.

-it’s a roberly bell project.

-who’s that?

-she usually teaches grad classes?

-oh yeah.

-very much a fine art project.

-yeah, walk around, see what happens.

-she gave a route too, we had to walk to spot and then to the liberty bell and now we have to cross a bridge.

-oh like a journey!

-yeah I’m thinking of it like that. I’m not super stoked on walking the same way back.

-I feel like that’s the whole learning part.

-you see it differently.

-this for production?

-yeah were filming skating, high production value.

Where’s Savannah there too long

-see ya guys

IV – Reflection for Signatures

That’s happening. Probably not bad for on camera flash. It was kind of weird shooting into the sun I guess it makes kind of sense. I like all these big cinder blocks over here this right behind me. It’s going to be hard to remember that route we do back in the middle of a lot again. Been taking a picture for a while. Zoom recorder keeps trying to fall out of my pocket. Oh I really like these barrels that are basically the same color as the wall behind them and we’ve got lots of light bouncing off all the buildings. We’ve got to try and keep it level again. I’m wondering if anyone else is taking this picture who’s taken a walk by. Really a stop down. Getting a little bit to crack a little over the crack there with the barrel intersects it yeah it’s really cool. We got light coming from everywhere. I think that will be one of the better pictures at least it’s one of the better ones I’ve taken so far. I wonder where Tia is because I think they’re taking their walk sometime around this time as well walking over those weird concrete blocks. Not really. It doesn’t look like it looks like it was really worn down. Wish I could take that as my artifact but it’s a little heavy. Oh there’s a chicken bone. Also cool artifact but I don’t really want to keep that in my pocket I guess. Bloom in Ulysses kept the potato in his pocket. But I don’t think I need to keep.

-I’m sorry if I’m leading the walk.

-its ok.

I wonder if it would count if I got on the bus. If would still count as a walk. Don’t have money on me to pay for a bus. I’m going to say it probably would be around but maybe not the move to the to get on the Rochester bus I was really like these survey markers nailed to the ground. There’s one in front of our apartment. I always kind of wonder what it’s really marking. Wow this parking garage entrance is kind of cool. Nice light coming into it across the street. You walk a little bit let’s go look at it. It’s going to be odd taking the same walk back. I wonder if this is more of an adventure and less of a walk because I’m searching for things. It’d be interesting to look at the difference between. People wrote their signature in the grime on the side of this granite wall. I don’t think I can take a picture of it. Wouldn’t really show up probably see my reflection for signatures. What did I think this is more of an adventure. I guess I don’t walk I guess it’s a walking adventure. I don’t know if there’s a name for type of journey where you have a goal but you don’t know what that goal looks like. You’re going to find that goal.

V – More than He Did

Kind of really like these composite wood to workers in this big office building because without really thinking about what streets were walking down it was kind of look I’m not really focused on what direction we’re just heading towards the water. Nothing more than that kind of lost track of Savannah to walk more over here. I saw her walking walk back to the parking lot. We were just to see she’s around. I don’t want to go too far with the out her. I like how there’s big concrete barriers that are really worn and beat up and then there’s really nice perfect ones with the Rochester logo in the middle. Ok I’m looking for Savannah and I don’t really see where she went. I bet that she is looking for me as well for me. Have to think about how to play this recording. I don’t know where she went. To backtrack a little bit. I don’t know if I should call her yet or I don’t I don’t know. Noah and Katarina and Adam are still over there I don’t really like that show. It’s kind of a cold. Girl wearing a similar jacket to Savannah or other shoes. She went in a door. I want to go look at what door she went in this little hut at the end. Oh she probably doesn’t think I’m behind her. She went in an entrance for the midtown garage. Interesting also made out of composite wood following Savannah I guess I should cross the cross for cafe sol seems kind of like bougie place. I don’t know. Oh it’s windy here. We’re heading for the big Rochester sign Clinton street. It’s cool seeing behind the bar cafe sol through the big glass windows. Wow. I kind of really like how the Xerox not there anymore on the Xerox square sign. I’m sure it’s a pretty pretty popular image. But I think it’s cool stop opened up a little bit before we go. 4 8 5 6 5 6 correct. Hopefully that’s cool. I wonder what goes on in the building if all the floors are really still being used by anyone. I just wonder that. How many how much stuff goes on in office buildings. It really boggles your mind about how many people there are. That every floor of every office building at least at some point people thought they were going to use them take a picture of a sign that fell into this bush that looks really good. Seemed very geometric composition trying to tighten it up for it that’ll be cool. That’s a hipster businessman with a dark very tight pants. His dog looked at me more than he did. I like these the first universal universalist church it has a little free library I wonder how they’re practice is different from other unitarian church in Rochester. Before I think she went ahead of me or she would be in this park my right. I don’t think roberly will appreciate me using right and left instead of north and south east of the west but I guess ‘t think much about directions I don’t know. Maybe I position myself in space before or think of space extending away from myself instead of myself being in a space interesting she’s listening to music parked that are to. make sure we’re still recording. your recording for twenty-five minutes. Plus the 10 minutes that happened before really still peeved about that one.

VI – Like to Find a Coin

It’s all good toward she’s on Woodbury boulevard I wonder how boulevard’s defined differently than the lane or street oh think oh this is the street that strong is on. This will really help out much sense of direction in downtown Rochester. If we crossed the bridge. The sculpture. All kinds of wrapped up trying to find need to find the artifact I could take a cone as an artifact. I’d like to find a coin. I think that would be an interesting narrative to write so I guess I’d probably like that. A piece of wood fallen they’re probably there from last year. I don’t think I’ve ever walked to this side of this sign. I really like this tree. Kind of dead decrepit. Man to wait for the sun to come back out. There’s sort of snow on the ground there too. Just waiting for the sun to come back out. Refocus. Picture. Don’t think I was completely level but I wonder if my idea for narrative holds any real weight well there’s a string bag interesting but I don’t really want to climb into the bush that it’s stuck in there are some real brambles don’t really want to cross the bridge. Talking to myself doesn’t really make my head feel all that great. Maybe it’s just being out on or off. You can see the butterfly place from that strong I really like how flat. Thinking about the artist that roberly really showed us class other day who narrates a lot. Feel like I’m not narrating for a viewer to listen to this playing. Even though I’m still thinking that in my head. I think I’m just thinking about it my to justify it talking to myself for this long. I forget my brakes fixed. Man is walking his bike not riding it. We made eye contact. Like this neighborhood for pictures. 4 left from this roll. I think I’m going to decide to turn back when I finish this roll. To me as I kind of need to find the artifact soon there is a popsicle sticks back there. Oh really. The popsicle stick. You’ll have to settle for something. Turn down. The sunflower. It’s odd to see Savannah up on the bridge when I’m walking down. Someone’s tag is dick. Very creative tag.

VII – Really Busted Chair

Neighborhood. I guess this place is where all trash collects I don’t really know if Savannah wants to come this way. Kind of want to find an artifact that’s not trash. I could take a marking flag but that would probably fuck someone up. Mess up what they’re going to drill into someone’s yard. Broken glass. McDonalds cup holder. Welcome back to make sure it was ok. She’s taking a picture. Yeah I think it’s interesting how much a walk changes when someone’s here and you have to make sure you’re still in sight of each other. I don’t think it’s bad. I think it’s just different than walking and letting your mind kind of wander which is usually what I do. I think I usually think too much about what I want to think about when I walk. School playground. Really busted chair. Next stop sign. I’m going to go look. Think of it as Savannah if we want to turn around and really wish we didn’t have to circle all the way back. All right. I wish we could make a circle. Not super stoked on the idea of returning the way we came still looking for an artifact. There’s a handle of a busted mug. It’s kind of cool. Bird poop on it. It’s so pretty beat up playground blunt wraps of course there’s one at to be expected. And more trash the shirt. Birthday balloons mug has a kind of weird design on it thinking when we take a picture. Definitely evidence of human human interaction here. I don’t really want my shadow in that picture. I do really want to get the angle that I want. I want the chip in there too will open this up and ready one two three. Let me take the handle. I think that’s a good artifact I think it’s interesting enough. It’s not really trash. Put it in the back pocket of my jacket pocket from my left jacket pocket.

VIII – Narrative of the Mug Handle

steaming blue mug spills

out traveling –

arm broken, forgotten empty  

IX – Big Plastic Doodads

I’m going to go take a picture of the chair. I hope she remembers better than I do. Where we went what route we took three or four pictures of if anyone took pictures with I didn’t so for the signs say about this rock. This garden is maintained by wadsworth square neighbors the thief who stole from here stole from their neighbors. Interesting. Looks like there’s part of a car radio in there and that garden kept by the neighbors. Savannahs taking a picture of the chair that I saw. Well there’s a rain gauge I haven’t seen one of those in a while. I wonder if that works the same for snow as it does for rain. Well there’s a little jar you keep weed another pack of cigarettes. We’re on Marshall street near the corner of Marshall and broad. Sun’s coming back out from the cloud. Just made the connection that the big plastic doodads attach the fire hydrants are so people don’t hit them with their snowplows. I think it’s interesting to take a picture this replaced the word fence maybe. I don’t know probably not. I feel like I’ve taken a couple of pictures today of new things in the midst of old things. Could be a good theme but not super great on that’s behind me notebook. Of very Rochester and taking a picture of people you’ve got which is kind of interesting. Feel like I really need to think. This is supposed to be more about observing space. I really like this kind of concrete and almost like a concrete bullet coming up from the ground. Take a picture. It’s really bright. Meter really great. Still need to stop. And all that. Try to get the concrete thing right in the center of the frame refocus a little. It’s odd that I count out even when I’m taking pictures of intimate objects. I guess it’s more for me. So I finally take the picture instead of worrying about it. Another Genny can plastic spoon oh well the street where the owl house is.

X – Two Birds Fighting

School. I didn’t know that was a street yes it’s not really that far of a walk from downtown Rochester to be a nice walk to do to lunch. Well summer. I definitely have three pictures left now. I’m gonna follow Savannah so this street to a right through a little walkway nice ring. I like those people’s patio still glass table some foldable soccer chairs. Blinking from Christmas candles. Griffith and pearl I think. Blower next the of leaves. I can only get a picture of it with the no trespassing sign. Snow blower put up for the season. These people still have Halloween decorations up for I guess not. Up kind of taken down somewhat by the weather. Savannah wants to keep going because I can probably turn around to like this. Really. Teal house. You’ve got to take control of it. Saw a picture of the really teal house can walk back to where Savannah is. Maybe try to take the last two pictures on this road. I also like the chimney coming out of that kind of pastel colored house like the alleyway behind that house. Interesting. It’s hard to have a parking lot as your backyard though.  I think I’m going to walk to the end of the street. Started to get kind of cold with the sun go up behind clouds kind of hungry. I could go eat for more pulled pork not pork corned beef. Kind of the same. Same basic form. I like the rock in front of the house. It’s interesting to think that because I picked up my artifact Savannah couldn’t pick up. Auto salon kind of an odd name for a mechanic. What are you going to do? Grocery store on wheels. That’s interesting. I like how the covers of the mail truck match the colors that helps but I don’t think it really makes a picture. I wonder what makes pictures. How long you’ve been recording for 45 minutes 47 minutes. So we’re still going. Want to see if I can make this mail truck work. And your kind of have stopped. Started to forget that I’m talking to myself. Which is interesting. These people have a window propped up next to their house. I wonder if I could get a reflection in it myself. Oh good. Get a reflection of the street sign which is interesting. It’s not going to be in focus solution stopped a little bit like a fate of 11 car for me. You want this land to come back out. A little dark out for f 11 in this spot. One thirtieth of a second. For instance ok. There we go. We got more on the it may make a weird player like the ones who got one picture. Pearl street. Interesting.  

I wonder how that got its name. I looked this up. I guess maybe but I don’t know if it matters super a lot. Two birds fighting in bush. You were to head back soon. I’m kinda. It’s a good place to. About face. Or take one more picture and then change my rolls of film. They call it I think go across the street if you read it like that.  Her bleached hair and the car in the background. But I don’t know I want a pretty solid picture for the point where we turned around. I don’t think that’s it. Looking at Monroe square milk carton right here I could also I can use the pearl picture for the point where we turned around. That’s kind of right here. I don’t know yet how I feel about excluding pictures that I took in the book. So I feel like they’re all landmarks.

XI – Might be a Little Leaked

This zip tied poster. This wall of can’t see it. It’s folded. The picture of the thing folded in half doesn’t look good. See guys sitting on this porch probably thinking I’m nuts for walking up and down the street. I think it’s okay. Kind of like this forum that the really ugly dirty snow makes fun of it. Makes the picture really serious both who likes to see we want to take a picture of the clouds a picture from a place of no place. I wish that I had caught that plane’s contrail a little earlier I think its way it now. Those last picture on the road. Want to find some shade to put the other roll in. Behind this house actually in front. But behind it where the sun is concerned actually. When they turn the camera off. For a second I thought the lens cap on that whole. Would really suck. Suck worse than the zoom recorder not working. Look like the film. Well that bad boy up put him in the pocket. Get the other one. Next double check that that’s really totally. I think we’re good. Pull out the other one. Kind of hesitant about using two different film stocks but I think portra vc will be a lot like lomo. Both 400 speed shooting them both that feeling both at 160. It’s kind of hard to do with a camera in your hand come on. There we go. Put a sticker on my back pocket. Trying not to encroach on these people’s yard but only for a second. Hold that back I feel bad that I didn’t text parker back before starting the walk but didn’t want to get in a phone conversation. Didn’t have to do that. Oh come on. Well no. Please don’t do that. Oh no. This is no bueno. Films coming up for me no so we don’t mess this up royally. I think the first image on this role might be a little leaked. Come on. Okay I finally got it loaded. Closing the camera turning it on I mean it’s probably halfway like to Rochester okay. Good to go. So 160 all set let’s check the zoom recorder zoom records still going. But it’s got a short battery so stop the first recording. Now you hold.


XII – Preventing One Thing

Zoom recorder in action. I continue to talk to myself even when it was off which was odd. Switch the orientation of the zoom in my pocket so that at least is better. There we go. We’re cookin. Heading on our way back. It is to 45 should probably get back quicker that we got out. Well I really like the styrofoam in the car. Well it has a chain on it. That’s a pretty interesting and don’t want too much. Get closer because do want too much extra stuff happening. It’s crop and a little bit. Okay one more time. Any words you need to know words below it. Oh she’s already off to races head on back. Oh she’s work at five. She is. She is something to do at 5:00. Hope you gonna walk through all that. She’s gonna be late for work. Check this new recorder. Still we’re still going

-taking pictures? What of?

-yep got pictures of everything.

-yeah cool.

-yeah. Yeah. Have a good day sir.

Never really know what to say. That dog. Hi dog in the window. Can I take your picture? He nodded. Yes sir. Open up good old aperture so we get to 5 6 thank you. It’s a good dog. I don’t know if the picture came out. Overall it’s hard to not take pictures of dogs. It’s a really beautiful white husky. I guess it looks like a husky. I don’t know dogs super well on the hunt for the second artifact.  Rochester fire looks like they start fires in Rochester I guess it’s hard to make a good logo when your business is associated with not doing one thing or preventing one thing. Mayo packet so I to see the buildings we passed from far away and know that they’re only like a 40-minute walk. Probably like half an hour’s walk if we weren’t putting around taking pictures it’s gonna be. Yeah I guess so. Squirrel. I guess we kind of have to walk past where our cars are parked to spot coffee. Then back to our cars that are parked. Does that count as part of the walk? Maybe I don’t like the mindset that walking the same way back puts me in because I feel like I’m just on my way back. It’s hard for me to focus on seeing new things. I like way back. Well those are big bean pods. I understand. After all here to Rochester I guess I didn’t see them on the way. But when I walk both ways because that’s where but when I walk like a circular route I feel that I’m on a journey the whole time the whole walk is what is. That’s Svea. Interesting it’s already I wonder if they’re on their way back. Huh. Ha ha ha. That’s funny. I kind of thought that every everyone would take a similar route. Yes we all have different content.

XIII – Deliberate with a Digital

I think it says this word bacon on a McDonald’s cup is funny. Bacon in a cup call. Back up the bridge now lots of dicks tags really are super great. Really just badly drawn penises but word dick wonder what kind of marker it is that he used. Led zeppelin stuck in my head it’s kind of odd cd Nate gave me it’s really good. Let’s cool that I was listening to on Spotify earlier then I saw that that was also the cd that let me I want to get into listening to more different music. I really like this speed limit sign. It’s kind of filled in yes stop way down I like that I’m shooting film I think I really wouldn’t be as happy with my pictures if I was shooting digital. That’s kind of not thinking about what I was shooting. I go between thinking the reasoning for shooting film. But I always go between thinking the reasoning of shooting a film being that it slows you down is bullshit and that it’s actually kind of true. Because it does slow me down. But I guess that I guess you could be that slow and deliberate with a digital camera. But it’s hard to focus but you really don’t take more than 16 or 24 pictures. Can the zoom recorder even really pick up what I’m saying? That is that whale mural like a whale within a whale. I knew it was around here but I don’t think I’ve ever seen outside of a car before. I like that color of the truck behind I kind of like the idea that anyone else listening to this wouldn’t really understand what I’m saying. But if I listened back to it I’ll have a pretty good idea of what I was talking about. I feel like I’ve really getting good at speaking exactly what I’m thinking. Now is that tree I took a picture right before the bridge I guess I could say there’s that tree that would be more to be seen to not acknowledge that it was before the bridge because I knew it as that tree. I don’t think I need the bridge signifier to show to tell myself that that’s the tree. That’s what kind of what Joyce did is he didn’t really care if the reader understood or not. There was not further he hurt because our thoughts aren’t for anyone else. Rochester really has a weird work pole signage it’s funny that the signs that say clearance seven feet probably add about a foot or it detracts a foot from the clearance. I just realized that I haven’t pressed a walk button once on the walk. Button pushed to cross. Wait.

XIV – Bunch of Suction Cups

Clinton traveling west. That’s funny. So I guess I was traveling east where are we headed out. East walks mostly that direction the whole way. Svea and Shayna where do and they went. They went down to Woodbury towards strong and then made a left so definitely did a different path than us. It’s just interesting. Oh I really like their license plate. That’s just kind of hanging off. Wow look at that. That’s awesome. Cannot wait for the right time. Who I wonder why they chose the name native? Seemed like an odd name for a boozy eatery. Coexist side made up of gun logos. It’s kind of fucked up. I wonder if that could be an artifact. Oh no I just stepped on it. Still kind of want to find a coin. Oh rock light. The two poles there’s two poles. They’re what does a flag enough as one poll. I can crop out the third spot out the security camera later. It’s too much in the picture. Trying to make it level again can hopefully that’s still in focus. I think I moved a little after it focused him before I shot. Wonder how far we can deviate from our path that we took getting here. Coming back that is a nice wooden wall for wooden veneers. Well that is a really kind of great empty a door in the middle of the city. Really was kind of squished plastic tube looks like the back end of some kind of creature to get us is a little grotesque. It’s a lot warmer in the sun over here. Yes because all the buildings are reflecting all the light and the heat too. Oh those are cool lights on the second floor of this building. They look like those balls you throw at something and it stick because they have a bunch of suction cups on the side pretty. Bronco ritzy looking cafe restaurant. Noah and Adam and who did all of them are set up or packing up. Send out biggest so go to for skateboarders or allow a vacant lot. This is more like the day that we came to Rochester. Freshman year yeah. No you have no idea. No I didn’t feel like writing things down.

XV – Gravels Counts as Evidence

-ha a nice Samsung camera.

-the old camera straps are so much better than the newer.

-what camera is that?

-Fuji 6 4 5.


Mm hmm.

-you’re gonna be annoying and send images from that to Sam?

-I think that would be so funny to send the images from this and the six by nine. I just to. All this was my best solution to something small but something that also shot six four or five and had focus. Because I also have a 6 by 9 Fuji. But it just is so ginormous that I never take it out. This four hundred.

-how expensive are the mamiya’s in the cage?

-yeah usually it’s like seven or eight with a lens yeah it’s a big boy. This is a fixed 60 which is like a 35 40.

It’s a great day to walk

-yeah she gave us off of class today to do it.

-I wonder if she thought about that. She was just like we’re not having class. Yeah it is beautiful.

-see you guys.



Interesting. What is it? Walking back across the gravel expanse. I feel like walking back was much quicker. I wonder these walks are much quicker way back. Head for a cushy makes me think of the argument that we have about how to say kuzey. I wonder if gravel counts as evidence of human presence maybe a third empty pack of cigarettes. And that list across the street here right in front of Mr. Rooter plumbing truck .in this program and bank of america building a little bit I like the maple leaf skate stoppers real classy. I can’t tell if that’s broken ice or glass or not broken ice but salt. Can’t tell if it’s rock salt or glass I nodded to enough people in this kind of focus and in my own world haven’t really kept up with interacting with people. Corona. Cap make an interesting story. When I walk over to the liberty pole plaza sort of deal I always want to call it the may pole so it’s kind of what it looks like. That’s a tight student driver car going in a charger. I remember the one good shot I got from that 44 over here. Three loud music. Oh no. What would be like if James Joyce was a filmmaker how that would kind of work out. Well think you could fit all of James is talking about into a film which is odd because you’d think the film is a little more expansive of a medium than the novel. But yes that’s how it goes.

XVI – Peaches Between Oranges

Liberty polls kind of. Wonder if it bends at all under stress. Light bulbs are weird. There is a pencil a little golf pencil narrative for the mug handle is gonna be odd. Because I don’t know whether to exaggerate the importance of the mug. Or write it as if it’s just kind of a normal mug. But you don’t really think about too much so I don’t really think about mugs. Or what’s happened. I’m sure they are in line anymore. So forgive the start. That’s kind of hard pleasant and pretty nice light. I really wonder if any of this is getting picked up or not. Maybe if it’s not I just have pictures to go off of which would be fine I think. I’m just really staring at the dirt around the liberty pole looking for an artifact. I’m not really looking for pictures anymore. I don’t think it’s great. I think that’s a cool picture of just a sign going into the abyss of the sidewalk. Everything is kind of a formal lots of lines. Kind of just sinking into the heart of the city. Look across here crossing east to main again kind of an odd intersection really a great day. Still more than half a year old. Shoot I guess I’m really not going to finished two roles worth of film but I guess that’s okay. So no super wants to interact with the hot dog man again. Oh he’s close up his cart. It’s an interesting think those pictures will be cool. Georgia license plate. No no it’s florida hard to see peaches between oranges. Whether on a license plate but this next to a really all kinda some come back some clouds are moving really slow. I think this picture will look better with the sun. Tired of waiting and there’s clouds coming into the background so we’re going so. That’s really cool. You can see on top of that building by looking at the reflection and other buildings window. That’s actually really cool. I want to take a picture that everyone else has probably taken. I think so they took that exact picture. Still need to find an artifact through this work. Let’s walk back who can I find a worked cold every two weeks who turned I can do this all the way back to my car. I wonder if a reader would be able to infer that I was looking at a window to look at my hair. Coming up on chestnut street we’re taking this card away it up to his truck he makes no really solid talks so he probably does well. Kid on an electric state skateboard. Feel kind of dumb but maybe a good way to get around. You can see spot coffee. Still I found the artifact of the way back like getting air a rubber band. School cigarette butts. Restaurants are starting to open up for wonder what time it is wonder if the zoom recorders still go on. Maybe i’ll stop in there. A little walk back. Have a look. No I’d probably be in there way to long.

XVII – Kicked the Second Plastic

Kind of want to go home and eat food. It’s like too Christchurch the fountain looks especially cool right now. Yes the fountain makes a p      retty good landmark as well. All there’s going to be super glare on this pic. I think that’s okay. Think it over for all too. But I also think that it’s the you describe that a little bit to get the composition. What we’ve taken 10 pictures of the walk back role. It was a good dog. That’s a pretty good sign. Metal grass pretty good evidence of people. Yeah that’s what the pictures have been about. I can feel the mug handle in my pocket. Swarm just goes through 30 I guess I could cross there. We’ll cross now. No really. Need second artifact um I guess I have to settle for something. Uh not quite the greatest interest. Think it’s funny how two people kicked the second plastic can same spot. That’s good. Good. Glasses or ok I just need to make it back to a spot and walk back to the car at the liberty pole eat some food to take a nap. I think of others Tia’s car she is here as well. Be a coffee I think would be good. Relax a little bit. Before I walk back ok. So I guess to remember in what I might have missed when the zoom recorder was not on for the first 10 minutes I walked pass by and took this picture of a really old post that looks like it should have been on a ship and then I walked and talked about the really bad streetlight signs that Rochester has is one of a lawyer business looking really cheesy off of skier street. I thought about where streaming was coming from. I didn’t notice skier before though. Walked up to swan and I think that’s where I kind of noticed the street sign. Street names really. I thought about chestnut. That’s kinda all it. Okay stop zoom, go get coffee at spot.

XVIII – Narrative of the Glasses Arm

cheap spare set for newspapers

letters maybe –

dropped from loose collar